Horse Shopping: The Endless Loop

Going out to look at a horse today (Sunday 8/11/13). He is half-brother* to a horse I like, so fingers crossed. Possible scenarios:

1) WTF? Seriously? Do you have any idea how lame/burned-out/awesomely badly trained your horse is? At any price? Much less the thunderously astronomical price you are asking?

Perplexingly, this is the situation we see most often. I may have mentioned it. Granted, my understanding of horse prices is stuck in the last century. Astronomical may have become normal in the interim. But I am right about the lame/burned-out/badly-trained part.

2) Lovely horse. Will be delightful in someone else’s barn.

While no more productive that scenario 1, ever so much more pleasant. Who doesn’t like to see nice horses? The last horse I tried before buying Rodney was a cute, little gray gelding. If I’d been in the market for a resale project, I would have brought him home. Last year, Hubby recognized the horse in a demo ride at the State Horse Fair. He is now a happy kid’s pony.

3) Yes, but …

This is the scenario that stresses me out. In the others, my path is clear. Either say thank you and leave or get the purchase process started and squee with excitement. What if my head says he or she is a perfectly suitable horse but I just can’t bring myself to commit? If you’d spent anytime in the rat’s nest that is the inside of my head, you would see how this could easily come about.

Hubby says I should listen to my uncle, whose advice would be to go with my gut. The subject was hiring employees but the process is the same. Any time he has settled for “the best available”, he has regretted it.

I tried that. During the last go-round I found a nice Thoroughbred/Danish Warmblood. This was when I had the discussion with my uncle (uncle here, horse here). I did not buy the horse. I bought Rodney instead. If I had gone with my head rather than my gut, I might have spent the last three years competing. By now, I might have moved up to Training Level in Eventing. I might have gotten my First Level scores towards a USDF Bronze Medal. I might have laid some seriously interesting rubber in a jump-off or two. I might have …

Second guessing yourself sucks.

4) A new horse for me.

Someone has to win the lottery, no?

*HWC – yes, that one.

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  1. I hope you’ll find what you are looking for! Horse shopping can be really frustrating… just have to find that click, there’s one out there for you!

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