Horse Shopping Jinx

You think I wish to be horseless*? It’s not my fault. The universe is out to get me. (*In contrast to lawn ornaments, of which we have a gracious plenty.)

Fairy Godmother had found two barns near last weekend’s show. One looked promising. Genius plan, we will combine efforts. Instructor was already horse shopping for another client, so I asked if she would play hunter/jumper trainer for a few hours. Not her discipline but she knows horses, she knows me, and her main job would be holding my paw.

Plans changed. She would be heading directly home with the horses after the show. Okay, I would get a ride in the morning with her. Husband would come over later, scoop me up, we would shop, and return home. Barn contacted. Plans finalized. Feeder of Equine Lunches lined up. Then, rain forecast for the weekend.

Hem and haw.

Our barn does not do well in rain. It can flood, particularly in the predicted gullywasher, leaving our geriatric mare splashing about. Mind you, our last round of earthworks means that three-quarters of the pen is dry even in the heaviest rains. She just choses not to stand there. She will stand here, thank you very much. If we wish to keep her feet above the waterline, we should arrange for here to be dry. This involves minor trenching, a few sandbags, putting Rodney up, and checking on the condition of the previous as the day goes along. The issue is the doorway. Any barrier to rain run-off is also a barrier to Mathilda going in and out. This is manageable, as I am usually home.

Haw and hem.

If we made a separate trip, we would have better weather and time to visit both barns. Since we were planning to drive anyway, no extra car miles would be required. Plus, having a post-horse show rider might make for sub-optimal shopping experience. Barn contacted. They agreed the weather looked questionable. Next weekend (today) it is. Feeder of Lunches put on stand-by.

When the week began, we attempted to execute the new plan. The less interesting barn was responsive but had nothing for sale at the moment. We emailed the more interesting barn. Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Radio silence. Their web site disappeared, taking their phone number with it. We canceled Feeder of Lunches, again.

As it turns out, we got much less rain than anticipated. We could have gone with the original plan.

We are cursed, I tell you. Cursed!
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After the rain, I had to swap out Pudge’s al fresco sleeping mat.

5 thoughts on “Horse Shopping Jinx

  1. We must be under the same bad moon. Or something. I’ve been hemming and hawing for two years about boarding my mare and putting some training on her. That means daily back and forth mental gymnastics and torture. I’ve been riding with a local trainer weekly since April. I usually stay after my lesson (at random) and watch her school her current trainees. I’ve liked what I’ve seen. The barn is 7 minutes and 3 miles (by road) from my house and clean as a whistle. I love the barn manager. She’s golden: runs a tight ship and we clicked from the get-go. I can trail-ride my horse there, which is critical since we don’t have a trailer and she hasn’t been moved since she arrived two years ago. I can also access some of the same trails I ride from my own home. It’s a win-win all the way around.

    I had the appropriate shots and blood work done this fall when the vet was here. Just in case. I hemmed and hawed some more. Talked over every angle with the hubby, who is not particularly supportive or thrilled. Friday I told the trainer I’ll be ready to move in Oct. 1st. I’m giddy with excitement. All’s well. However, the barn seemed unusually quiet that morning. Thinking the mgr. had taken the day off (after all, it was Friday!) I asked if everyone was away at a show? Nope. The barn manager left. As in: she doesn’t work here anymore.

    Come again?

    I’ve totally lost the wind beneath my sails. The mgr. has been so instrumental in my feeling welcome and comfortable moving my horse there that her sudden absence has me in shock. I’ll still go through with the plan, but everything I’ve been picturing in my mind has suddenly gone blank. I’ve dreamed of having my horse at a facility like this all my life and I’m finally days away from doing it and ..poof! All the joy has been sucked out of it. Granted, I’m not planning on keeping the mare at this barn for very long, but still. I’ve been in a depressed and angry funk since Friday.

    Yup, I know jinxed. I do. 😦

  2. I feel your frustration. Think of of it as being redirected away from a problem you did not see. That’s what I try to tell myself, anyway. I have no idea why it is so hard to find a horse (I have not found one either) and I’m terrified of ending up with yet another pasture pet. I love the ones I have but another would probably push me over the edge.

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