Massage Masterclass

This weekend, the barn had a visit from Sharon Melnick, L.M.T. for people & horses. Although Sharon could easily hire herself out, she seldom works outside of her own critters. As a favor, she trekked from her remote patch of woods over to our remote patch. In addition to getting the the horses massaged, IContinue reading “Massage Masterclass”

The Nature of Progress

rogress is by definition measurable only in hindsight. Running a 7-minute mile is awesome if it represents a personal best. Less so if the runner previously lettered in track during college. So, is it a bad sign that M got stuck over the weekend [Debriefing]? Or a good sign that she was able to getContinue reading “The Nature of Progress”

Zeno’s Massage

Work: PM heat therapy/PM groom & exercise [rp, wv, cx]. Report: After separating the cones to make his maneuvering easier, he did so well that he got ahead of me. Ramblings for the Day: History reports that at the beginning of the month, the adhesion between underlying scar tissue and the skin on Rodney’s backContinue reading “Zeno’s Massage”

Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.

Work: EVE heat & groom. Report: second day of our new two-person stretch, see Saturday. Felt movement in the target area while his head was down. Less when he raised it. Ramblings for the Day: My generous Guest Poster from Wednesday, Writing from the Right Side of the Stall, wrote about the similarities between onlineContinue reading “Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.”