What A Stinker

Work: day off.

Over the last many months, I have been working to loosen an old scar on Rodney’s back. Forty-five minutes of heat results in less than a millimeter of progress. As I work on his back, he gives the usual happy horse signs of yawning and farting. On days when I have made more progress than usual, his waste products – both gaseous and solid – are absolutely vile, almost sulfuric. This can continue for several days. I like to think of this as a sign that I have opened up important energy pathways and that his body is getting rid of toxins. Or, it could be complete coincidence with a particularly smelly patch of grass.

Any massage therapists care to weigh in?

4 thoughts on “What A Stinker

  1. Unqualfied as I am, IMHO toxins are fleeing. This is good. Keep it up. Have you thought of a gas mask? Or Vaseline?

  2. In my experience you’re right. He’s releasing some old material that has been lodged in his system for some time. Whatever happened to create the scar in his back might very well also have caused the holding of some memory trauma in his intestinal pathway. They might be tied together emotionally and therefore physically. This is very commonly seen in bodywork as you must know. As you release the layers of scar tissue, emotional issues are triggered to release too. You’re fortunate that the release is so benign. In some horses that replay of emotional events can lead to some temporarily wild and naughty behavior. 😉

    1. So, perhaps millimeter by millimeter progress had been a good thing. Either that, or I am in for a rodeo when the last bit finally goes.

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