Zeno’s Massage

Work: PM heat therapy/PM groom & exercise [rp, wv, cx].
Report: After separating the cones to make his maneuvering easier, he did so well that he got ahead of me.

Ramblings for the Day: History reports that at the beginning of the month, the adhesion between underlying scar tissue and the skin on Rodney’s back was an area the size of a quarter [Changes]. I said it and why would I lie? It is easily half that now. So, using a wide-angle lens*, we have made progress. Using the day-to-day zoom, I feel that we will progress infinitely and never reach the end. I’ve broken up half of what was there. I have to break up half of what’s left. Then half of that. Then half of that. And so on.

If I can’t unkink the final knot, have I made it worse? Before I started fiddling, the old injury had frozen into a functional unit. He showed with it for years. Now most of skin moves over the muscle but a small part is still fixed, making for potential under-the-saddle skin wrinkles if I can’t get it all the way undone.

On the other hand, if I do get the skin loosed from the muscle, what then? In her comment [Stinker], Sara Light-Waller of Sacred Touch Healing said, “You’re fortunate that the release is so benign. In some horses that replay of emotional events can lead to some temporarily wild and naughty behavior.” Rodney is by nature an expressive and emotional horse. I have to wonder if he’s saving the fireworks for the final reveal.

(*Can you tell I was taking pictures for Foto Friday this afternoon?)

What long-term piece of progress did your horse finally achieve?

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