The Nature of Progress

rogress is by definition measurable only in hindsight. Running a 7-minute mile is awesome if it represents a personal best. Less so if the runner previously lettered in track during college.

So, is it a bad sign that M got stuck over the weekend [Debriefing]? Or a good sign that she was able to get to her feet more easily than the previous incident? Is she more visibly tired because she has given up the fight? Or because her leg has stopped hurting as much and she is starting to relax?

Similarly, have the last few weeks been good for Rodney or not? He has not been asked for even the small exercises he had been doing [Bunny]. There are days when I can't muster the mental energy to give him a good grooming. While he is getting little direct attention, he is getting hordes of low-grade, indirect attention. We are in the barn all the time. He gets carrots when Mathilda does. He gets pats as we go by. We talk to him. We move him from the stall to the field & vice versa. Will this time be a set-back in our nonexistent schedule? Or turn out to be a inadvertent bonding session?

While he is learning to keep his shirt on, we are learning what to do to keep him from losing his shirt in the first place. One of the hard parts of Saturday morning [CAST!] was catching Rodney to get him out of the way. He was convince that all the yelling and crashing about on our part was aimed at him. I dug down for my zen-like patience [Lowercase] to approach him calmly while chattering nonsense words of reassurement. I succeeded and am pleased. But I did have to wonder, if 5 minutes of ZLP wears me out, how will I ever maintain a day’s worth to keep him together at a horse show?

Are we making progress? Ask me in a month or two.

How are you currently measuring progress?

2 thoughts on “The Nature of Progress

  1. In case I did not make it clear, M is, if not fine yet, no worse for Saturday’s adventure. No swelling, no relapse in crookedness. The main damage appears to have been to our psyches. As RideXC said yesterday, “the panic triggered by old horse going down and possibly not having the wherewithal to ever get up again.” Overall, we think she is improving, but could be fooling ourselves. Hence today’s post.

  2. How am I currently measuring my progress? I think right now I’m actively ignoring long term goals and managing for the short term. Which means effectively “no progress.” Is it really mid-June already???? 😉

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