Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.

Work: EVE heat & groom.
Report: second day of our new two-person stretch, see Saturday. Felt movement in the target area while his head was down. Less when he raised it.

Ramblings for the Day: My generous Guest Poster from Wednesday, Writing from the Right Side of the Stall, wrote about the similarities between online dating, online job hunting, and her varying luck with both, here.

The first group of sites is about creating relationships. The second group of sites is about finding someone to pay you money. There is a third online area that combines relationships and monetary exchange. I refer, of course, to horse shopping.

In shopping for Rodney, I looked, in person, at 50 horses. I rode 24 of those. [Many of the other 26 fell into the you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me category, but that is material for another post.] I kept no count of the tens? hundreds? we heard about by email, saw pictures of, or watched on video.

As with online dates or online job searching, many options could be ruled out immediately as being the wrong age, of incompatible skills/interests, or located in Canada. Others may sound good until you get hold of the visuals. One horse was an adorable draft-cross who made the earth tremble when he cantered. Not enough engine to cart my hyperventilating self around a preliminary cross-country. Another was athletic enough to already be going prelim, and hauling like a freight train on the arms of the professional rider aboard. To much engine, thank you very much. You can’t buy a horse online, but you can rule one out.

Online horse shopping had the side effect of getting me on Facebook. Rodney’s seller had videos of him on a jumper course. Although the video itself was on YouTube, the best way to get at the correct link was through a comment on her wall. So on I went. One of the first posts on my wall was a friend expressing amazement that I had staggered thus far into the 21st Century. What else but a horse would have caused me to do so?

Like job hunts, and – in my day – dating, horse shopping turns out to be all about contacts. The good ones go by word of mouth. We found that the horses who get as far as classified ads or sales barns are ones who did not get snapped up as soon as they stuck their snoot out the door. Usually there is a reason that the horse did not sell, either from basic failings, price delusion, or, in a few outstanding cases, both. [Really? Seriously? You want how much? For that?]

I love having the horses at home. As I’ve said before, I would make a terrible boarder. But it does cut into the horse networking opportunities.

Any luck with online horse shopping? Or dating? Or job search?

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3 thoughts on “Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.

  1. HA! The last horse I bought, I saw an ad in the paper, hitched up my truck and brought the thing home. Very, very similar to the how-I-met-my-husband story. Some people take their time, some people live in a random sort of world. 😉

  2. Thanks for being gentle with me. 😉

    I admit I didn’t see any horse-shopping parallels personally because most of my last few have been foisted upon me as freebies (or worse, I bred the damn critters. Deliberately!).

    But yeah, what you’re looking for is rarely there when you go looking …

  3. I found my current horse online. She was listed in the Arabian breeder’s directory for my region. I don’t find that very unusual. I also think looking at online websites (not necessarily classified services) can lead you in the right direction if you’re looking at horses listed by breeding farms or sport-specific trainers. You might not care all that much about the horses that are currently listed, but it can sometimes tell you a little something about what else might be in the barn that “could be” for sale if the right person came along at the right time. It’s pretty hard to find the right connections via word of mouth if you don’t work with a personal trainer or show or have a lot of other horse-social irons in the fire.

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