Work: Day off

Ramblings: I am spending the day at a bookmaking workshop. A liberal arts education and a fervid imagination have allowed me to combine book arts and LEGO [I made a book out of bricks] as well as LEGO and horses [see BrickFair posts in January]. Even I can’t figure a way to combine book arts & horses. Books & horses, easy. Bookmaking & horses, no. Instead, I offer three countdowns to the London Olympics: one, two, & the official site.

The first site has countdowns for the next two summer & winter games. [They don’t say where the 2012 Games will be for legal reasons. One has to wonder.] The second site does not agree with the other two. Dunno if the math is wrong or if they are aiming at different points. The start of Opening Ceremonies is 27 July 2012. Since I am using the training wheels .com version of WordPress, I can’t add the counter to my site.

How will you follow the Olympics: TV, blogs, Twitter, streaming?

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