Changes for the Better?

Work: PM heat/EVE groom.
Report: During a two-lap mare walk, Rodney spent the entire time outside. Mostly, he ate hay. As we hove into sight at the end of the second lap, he drifted on our direction and grazed. Neither hiding nor herd-bound would be the best result.

Ramblings for the Day: In addition to above, we had two more new items in the last 24 hours: one his, one ours. Last night, when Greg went out to check during a break in the rain, Rodney was soaking wet. Usually he hides inside & stays dry while the mare patrols & gets wet. Dunno what it means, but I figure closer to standard horse behavior is better.

After a nice run of progress, I had stalled on his back scar. Totally unkinking the underlying scar will take years, if it is even possible. My first step has been to break up the adhesion between his back and the underlying muscle. I’ve gotten the area down to approximately the size of a quarter. You know how a yarn snarl has outlying loops and hunks of yarn to untangle before you get to the center snarl that has been pulled into a tight, nasty lump of wool? I think we are at the center snarl of his scar. Today, Greg had the idea of standing at Rodney’s head, inviting him to lower his head and thereby stretch his back, while I gouged away until my arms tired. Wearing me out doesn’t take long. My upper body is weak and Rodney’s back withstands a heavy amount of poking. You’d think he’d object, but no. Often, he leans into a massage. I think the new stretch/massage took a notch out of the quarter.

Previous Horse preferred featherweight accupressure & energy balancing. Rodney likes piledrivers & thunderpaws. Which way does your horse like a massage?

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