Blow, Wind, and Crack Your Cheeks!

Work: great hopes for today, nothing realized so far.
Report: getting this out early in case the weather poodles are right about the oncoming storm. [Of course that was deliberate. I would have thought the LEGO posts would have given away the geek thing.]

Ramblings: The plan is to move Rodney’s exercises out of the ring and closer to the barn, where he feels more comfortable. The theory goes that if something you are doing is making your horse tense, take a step back, correct? For example, if cantering is causing a meltdown, drop down to trot. If the trot; then walk; etc. So, we will do the exercises to build his sense of accomplishment. Once they are old hat, move them into the big, scary ring. I would have thought excessively simple exercises in the ring was a small enough step to work with. However, I am not privy to the noises the chattering monkeys make inside his head. We just get to enjoy the results.

What happens when you run out of backing up?

One thought on “Blow, Wind, and Crack Your Cheeks!

  1. Greg reminds me that Rodney is not the only one in the ring with cranial chattering monkeys. He’s often said that if Rodney & I can get our monkeys coordinated and flinging poo in the same direction, it will be awesome. One way or another.

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