Spring Fever Starting?

Work: PM heat therapy/EVE groom.
Report: today was Rodney’s day to gallop. He came zipping up when it was time for heating pads. I tried not to get all My Friend Flicka about it, but how can you not love your horse running toward you? Then, when Mathilda and I where halfway through the first lap of our walk, he came at a mad rush FROM the barn TOWARD the far end of the pasture to join us. You should see the skid marks in the mud. He stayed with us for the rest of the lap. When we passed the barn, he went back in to wait. Change? Certainly. Different? Definitely. Progress? Possibly. Probably. Hopefully.

Ramblings: I know that a herd-bound pair can be a total pain, but I am counting that as an improvement over hiding in the barn in what I have decided to call insecurity.

Mathilda is not pleased. The high-spirits of the first canter necessitated a flying kick at her on the way by. On her walk, bad enough she has to tolerate me, then the dog, now him. Her whole neighborhood is going to double-hockey sticks.

How does your horse celebrate spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring Fever Starting?

  1. “How does your horse celebrate spring?”

    The same universal way: The boys act like jerks, the girls practice their best “keep it up and I’ll seriously kick your ass” looks.

  2. By shedding at least six horses’ worth of hair (each) all over every available surface, especially me and my orifi.

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