Finding One That Fits

(Long post, lots of good things to share.) Rodney had a saddle fit appointment last Saturday. Fred Melnick of Melnick Saddle (saddle evaluation and fitting, billet replacement, saddle reflocking. 205-913-3841 came out with his bag of tools and several saddles. First off, his angle widget indicted that Rodney’s back is wide to extra-wide. ThisContinue reading “Finding One That Fits”

Massage Masterclass

This weekend, the barn had a visit from Sharon Melnick, L.M.T. for people & horses. Although Sharon could easily hire herself out, she seldom works outside of her own critters. As a favor, she trekked from her remote patch of woods over to our remote patch. In addition to getting the the horses massaged, IContinue reading “Massage Masterclass”