Point of 100 Meetings

Work: AM rain/PM heat therapy.
Report: Instead of putting both heating pads on his back near the scar tissue, I put the second over his Bai Hui point. He got all soft-eyed, droopy-lipped, and sleepy.

Ramblings: At least, he was sleepy right up to the point when he gave a whole body shake and the pad fell off with a thud. Since the scar is on the saddle area, I can strap a pad down with an overgirth. The other one was just balanced on this butt. He did not appreciate a loud thumpy noise in the middle of his nap.

Some days, I think he is a wood horse who needs reenforcement to his yang meridians. Some days, I think his muscles are tight and he appreciates the heat. Some days, I think it makes him feel good in the moment but is an overall waste of time.

Have you done accupressure with your horse?

[PO100M name taken from an equine accupressure app put out by Tallgrass.]

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