Survey Says …

Work: AM heat therapy/PM groom & exercises: crossrails, plank, weave cones, reverse poles, & log.
Report: Lowkey runthrough of all exercises to reintroduce the idea of double sessions. Walked over, on, through everything & groundtied while I adjusted a crossrail.

Ramblings: The American Horse Publications, of which I am an Individual Member, would ask that you take 15 minutes to answer their 2012 Equine Industry Survey through SurveyMonkey. The 50+ questions took me ~13 minutes, mostly due to an overabundance of precision which meant I kept having to write my response under Other. Deadline is May 15, 2012. Do it now before you forget. The more data, the more likelihood magazines and websites will carry articles of interest to the largest number of people.

What is your favorite horse magazine?

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