Say Aaaah!

Work: PM1 heat therapy/PM2 groom, short walk.
Report: No amount of DST helps if I can’t lever my butt out of bed until brunch.

Ramblings: I have magic counting hands. Rodney’s gastric medication requires 14 pills per dose – there’s a lot of horse to dose. I’m amazed how often my randomly poured handful is exactly 14 pills.

Pounded into powder and mixed with water, these make a vile-tasting, bright yellow liquid that gets squirted over his back teeth twice a day. He’s really very good about it. He might wave his head a trifle or walk off a few steps, but once the inevitable is inevitable, he’s close to stoic. The second time you came near me with medical intentions, I’d be heading for the far side of the pasture at Mach 2. Mathilda fights us to a draw for worming. You would NEVER get paste meds into her mouth twice a day. I’m repeating myself [Head Games], but I want to be sure he gets all the props he deserves.

Can you count by handfuls?

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  1. I can hold out my arm and count a yard of fabric, ribbon or string. I recognize a dash of salt by its weight in my hand. I can tell by the way it catches on the inside of my fingers whether I have stripped a wheat stalk clean of its seeds.

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