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This post was scheduled to a show report. However, we had a sick horse. Instead of frolicking about, I spent the day writing updates on Saturday’s post [Show Ring] and messaging folks at the show to find out what was going on.

By Saturday morning, Mathilda hadn’t had eaten a meal for three days. At first, we thought she had reacted to a shot of Banamine. It’s more likely that we misdiagnosed a low-grade fever, since our thermometer turned out to be wonky. Either way, one never wants to mess with a horse’s delicate digestive system, doubly so when that digestive system is older than dirt. We tried everything we could think of to tempt her to eat:

regular rations (grain & senior feed)
grain alone
different bag of grain from another store
regular hay
fresh water in her buckets
warm water in bucket
water from the trough
fresh water in the trough
apple treats
carrot treats
third type of treats
baby carrots
alfalfa ($$$!)
cheap hay

Rodney was more than willing to clean up whatever Mathilda was unwilling to eat. He can be quite the contortionist when alfalfa is on the line.

Mathilda is eating again. She is not up to full rations yet, but is enjoying all the treats. We are enjoying feeding them to her.

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