Great Grays

Milton Horse & Hound recently ran Milton: 12 fascinating facts about our hero. Check out the first picture. That’s how horse should use his shoulders over a fence. Found courtesy of the Facebook page for Equestrian Legends – Book My favorite Milton quote from his biography: Sometimes I get so carried away on Milton IContinue reading “Great Grays”

Guest Post: Milt Toby, author of Noor, on Researching for Books

Today, I am a publicity stop on the virtual book tour for Noor. Book by Milt Toby. Tour arranged by Walker Author Tours. Welcome Milt: How Much Research is Too Much? Research is the lifeblood of the non-fiction books and magazine articles I write about horse racing, but it’s also an important tool for fictionContinue reading “Guest Post: Milt Toby, author of Noor, on Researching for Books”