Two Forward, One Back.

This Ferdinand moment is Mathilda grazing on her own in a little temporary pen we roped off in the corner of the pasture. One step closer to letting her out on her own, which is one step closer to resuming what used to pass for my life. We dug up a hank of old uncharged, braided, electric mesh. Years ago, we would turn Mathilda & Previous Horse out on the front lawn to mow the new grass. This lasted until PH had a Thoroughbred moment, began to channel voices, and trotted right through the fence and down the driveway. So we knew that a) she was used to it & b) in the event of a crisis, the rope would break. This lovely state of affairs lasted ~25 minutes until she used the rope to scratch her butt, threatening to take down the whole works. From this, we divined that yesterday’s application of medicated cream had dried & was itchy, Hubby hosed her off. I stood on roll prevention patrol until she was dry. Sigh.

Any progress to report on your end?

3 thoughts on “Two Forward, One Back.

    1. As described in *The Chronicles of the $700 Pony*, soon to be rereleased as an ebook []. Marketing, woman, marketing!

  1. Very little progress on my end with Parker, my gimpy three-year-old (who will actually be three tomorrow). Five months and still a left hind gimp — with no adequate diagnosis despite ultrasound and radiographs, so no concrete expectation of how long whatever-it-is needs to heal. However, like you, I am reluctant to keep him incarcerated indefinitely. (And unlike Mathilda, Parker was getting bloody dangerous to hand walk on the incarceration regime.) He has gradually moved from an hour in a round pen, to all-day turnout with his pony pal, in a smallish paddock. I figure it`s gonna take the time it takes, and whether he runs circles in his stall or grazes quietly outside, is six of one and half a dozen of the other … and the latter certainly costs me less in hay and shavings.

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