Running On Empty

BEEP. BEEP. That’s the fill alarm on my idea tank. Halfway through the year (Thursday was post #183 [Zoo]) and over two months into mare care, I’m floundering. I’ve squeezed the subject of grazing down to dessicated stalks. In response to my pleas, a blogger friend suggested a horse hunt update. Sure thing. I’m all over that:

Booted in the butt by her email, I attempted to rally, really I did.

Step one: The Chronicle of the Horse Giveaways forum. Ignoring the high cost of free horses, most of them live in the Mid-Atlantic. I don’t.

Step two: Craigslist farm+garden. More multi-horsepower tractors than single-horsepower horses.

Step three: Equine Now. The horses in my area tend toward barrel & gaited.

OTOH, whenever I find myself wallowing in excuses, I think of Amy Tryon. In one interview or another [Tribute], we talked about living outside the equestrian mainstream. Most of the shows in her area were hours away. Her solution? Host a show at her barn. Translation: stop whining, suck it up, & do something about it.

Got any suggestions for a) blog posts or b) how to overcome the horse-search lethargy?

3 thoughts on “Running On Empty

  1. Clearly, you have some super intellectual friends. That said, if I could help you overcome your horse shopping lethargy, I’d probably be able to overcome my writing lethargy. We’re both in trouble. My one piece of advice would be to ride. I know that’s not easy, but find something to sit on. Take a lesson at a random barn, borrow a friends trail horse, find something to swing a leg over to remind you why you love it. Nothing kicks it into gear like actually getting into gear. Pull up your boots, strap on your spurs and giddy-up!

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