Being Happy

Grazing Supervisor lends a paw.

Yeah! Mathilda stayed out grazing for almost an hour & a half. Previously, 45 minutes was her limit before the backend began to drift. I would have waited longer but it was closing in on breakfast. Snaps to Ernest Cline for making Level Three of Ready Player One almost as relentless as the southern sun.

Summer has whacked us over the head with a vengeance. Full of resolve, I went to pay a little overdue attention to Rodney. Only to find that he was too sweaty to brush at 6 pm in the evening. Instead, he got a shower and a pat. He’s an amazingly happy horse. Provided the sky is not currently falling, he gives off the vibe of a person looking for reasons to be pleased. Needless to say, he enjoyed his bath.

How has summer hit your household?

One thought on “Being Happy

  1. With tall trees for shade, it hit 92 outdoors before I took off my sweatshirt indoors so summer indoors isn’t a big change. But we have fresh local lettuce, strawberries and veggies – 4 fairly local Farmers’ Markets are now open. Definitely summer.

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