Foto Friday: Rodney Is Awesome!

Alabama Phoenix Festival, Day 1. My AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) club, Magic City LEGO Users Group, is exhibiting. To celebrate the brick, the blog icon: Rendered as a LEGO mosaic: Via the LEGO Photo app. Reviewed here. I can’t find it on iTunes any longer. For those readers not current with all things LEGO,Continue reading “Foto Friday: Rodney Is Awesome!”

Back In The Show Ring, Redux

Today is the second Winter Tournament show. Let’s hope my plans gang less agley [Back In The Show Ring, updates]. As before , the goal is for me to make my canter “debut” and do a pattern. LW&TCDR. I will attempt to tweet from the show. Tweet sidebar has been expanded for the duration. TheContinue reading “Back In The Show Ring, Redux”

Text Art: LEGO I

(You knew this was coming.) ____________________________________ VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE Accessing Jedi mind control. Go here: Haynet. (No need to join to vote but you might wish to consider. Nice place) Click this icon on the sidebar: Vote. (In the interest of fairness, nominees listed here. If you vote from there, use the “HERE” link not the “VOTE”Continue reading “Text Art: LEGO I”