Milton Meets My Little Pony, Guest Post

  From the same hand that brought us Art Nouveau Horse.   Out of Creative Haven Nature Mandalas Coloring Book by Marty Noble (Facebook page). How is this My Little Pony? The image echoes the show’s color scheme, which hovers at the pink/purple end of the spectrum, albeit less pastel. MLP:FIM Wiki BTW, in GooglingContinue reading “Milton Meets My Little Pony, Guest Post”

Foto Friday: Name That Spot

I have a new horse to share the load with Spotted and Mr. Spot. Like them, she is from Schleich. The bin said Trakehner mare, but I’m not finding her on the Trakehnen Breed page or elsewhere in the site. Photo taken at the Birmingham (US) Botanical Gardens. To celebrate her German heritage, I lookedContinue reading “Foto Friday: Name That Spot”