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new spot

I have a new horse to share the load with Spotted and Mr. Spot. Like them, she is from Schleich. The bin said Trakehner mare, but I’m not finding her on the Trakehnen Breed page or elsewhere in the site. Photo taken at the Birmingham (US) Botanical Gardens.

To celebrate her German heritage, I looked up German words for spot: entdecken, erblicken, erkennen, erspähen, Fleck, Flecke bekommen, Klemme, Kurzmeldung, Marke, Nummer, Pickel, Plätzchen, Punkt, Pustel, Schweinwerfer, sehen, Sendezeit, Spielball, Stelle, tüpfeln, Tupfen, Werbespot. [Word Hippo: German/Spot]

Various meanings:
Spot as in location – Stelle
Spot as in mark – Fleck
Spot as in to see – erspähen

Chose by meaning? By pretty sound? Thoughts?

Comments on: "Foto Friday: Name That Spot" (7)

  1. Flicka, as in “My Friend…”

  2. Or Flecka?

  3. Stelle and Fleck are rather pretty. Erspähen would be hard to call across a field. 😉

  4. Spotter, pronounced like, “spot her”

  5. oooh, pretty! The Schleich brand often mis-lables breeds. I’ve got 2 “falabella” (a specific breed of miniature) and they look like Shetland ponies, which is what I’m going to show them as. I think they need more breed guidebooks. On the other hand, my Norwegian Fjord does look like a Fjord, i just need to widen the dorsal stripe.

    • I think you’re right. I don’t believe that Trakehners come in spots; this very pretty mare is either an outcross or else she’s mislabeled.

  6. The advanced movement in International Standard Viennese Waltz (a very fast spin on the spot) is called a Fleckerl. That’s Viennese slang for “Spot”, which is appropriate because you and your partner spin on the spot.

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