Gender Equality in Toys

Props to Breyer. In their Winter 2015 catalog,

Breyer 2015 cov

they have male figures in their product line

Breyer 2015 p35

& boys playing with the horses.

Breyer 2015 p24

This is a subject close to my heart. LEGO bricks are for anyone who wants to play with them: girls, boys, adults, kids. Why is this hard?

“Two years ago, in 2011, 90 percent of Lego’s consumers were boys. A tough statistic to swallow for those of us who grew up playing with Lego’s gender-neutral buckets of bricks. But the statistic came straight from Lego, which was then focused on boys with franchised sets based on properties like Star Wars and The Avengers after weathering a disastrous period in the 1990s that left the company on the brink of collapse.”
NPR Girls’ Legos Are A Hit, But Why Do Girls Need Special Legos? 2013

“I first saw shame take over my son’s face in a somewhat unexpected place: the toy aisle at Target, a place that should normally be full of joy for a kid.”
Ravishingly The Gendered Toy Debate: Why LEGO Friends Is Bad For Boys And Girls 2015

“I might, in fact, be the single most-qualified person on the planet to talk about these issues. Seriously. I’m a 20 year AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and an active member of the adult LEGO hobby community, and I just happen to have a PhD in Feminist Criticism and Theory. I’m also a working scholar in the field of popular culture studies; I’ve even presented papers about LEGO at academic conferences. Oh, and I’m a woman AND a mother to a little girl. When it comes to talking about gender, girls, toy culture, and LEGO, I’ve got the bases pretty much covered.”
Virtual Virago Gendered Consumption, Girls, and LEGO Friends 2012

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  1. Not something I usually look at or think about so it’s interesting to read and think about it. Thanks for sharing and thinking about it.

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