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Cookie Ball!

Nose-It! Equine Ball Flat Fill Treat Dispenser
via Amazon (not available direct)

I don’t usually buy cat/dog/horse toys. I am concerned they will become unused, decorative lumps of plastic. We bought what we call the “Cookie Ball” after watching Bliss and Jewel play with theirs at CAA [Show Report]. At one point, Bliss heard Jewel playing with the ball – the rattling treats make a distinctive sound – and got offended that someone else had HER ball.

Our guys love it. No ramp-up time. We presented the cookie ball. They each say, ‘Ah ha! Treats!’ and began to whack it around. Any horse who has ever flipped over a feed pan knows how to do this. I think humans underestimate the power of smell. Note, we have to fill it with “good” treats. They did not feel it is worth the effort for mediocre treats.

Rodney gets the cookie ball with a baker’s dozen of horse cookies as a stall toy when Milton goes to Stepping Stone. He empties all but one or two. In his defense, that last one is hard to fish out.

Comments: There is a small drainage hole on the bottom, opposite the treat hole, for cleaning. It is a clever design but I find I still have to mop out the last bit of water. Our area is bad for fire ants and mice, so I clean the ball each time and keep it in the house. YMMV.

Disclosure: no contact with company other than as a customer.

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surprise box 2

I have been blessed with the unexpected rehoming of a friend’s childhood model horse collection.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo & since I can’t think of anything else, a web tour of horses in Mexico.

[Do not surf on “mexico horse” unless you have a strong stomach for shock photos. Don’t know what that had to do with with my search query. I didn’t ask. I think I found my limit on how free the Internet needs to be. Now I’ve made you want to go look. Don’t. Really.]

The racehorse Cinco De Mayo Mio

The Dutch Warmblood Cinco de Mayo ISF Star

The National Horse of Mexico is the Azteca Horse, an Andalusian & Quarter Horse/Criollo cross. Never heard of ’em. Now I want one. Check out the barn candy at AAHIA. Azteca info from the International Museum of the Horse.

La FederaciĆ³n Ecuestre Mexicana: salto, dressage, concurso completo, rienda, paraecustre, endurance.

Comite Olimpico Mexicano, a 2012 show jumping team is in there somewhere.

My Little Pony speaks Spanish: Mexican Ponies 101

I’m sure it’s unPC, but we’ve all done it in the back of a pick-up truck: riding Mexican.

And for today’s educational segment: CdM is
a) a small regional holiday in Mexico
b) an excuse to party
c) a source of Mexican-American self-identification
d) all of the above.

I’ve ridden a racehorse in Italy & a Camargue [tourism in French, reference in English] horse in France. What international adventures have you had?