Feliz Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo & since I can’t think of anything else, a web tour of horses in Mexico.

[Do not surf on “mexico horse” unless you have a strong stomach for shock photos. Don’t know what that had to do with with my search query. I didn’t ask. I think I found my limit on how free the Internet needs to be. Now I’ve made you want to go look. Don’t. Really.]

The racehorse Cinco De Mayo Mio

The Dutch Warmblood Cinco de Mayo ISF Star

The National Horse of Mexico is the Azteca Horse, an Andalusian & Quarter Horse/Criollo cross. Never heard of ’em. Now I want one. Check out the barn candy at AAHIA. Azteca info from the International Museum of the Horse.

La Federación Ecuestre Mexicana: salto, dressage, concurso completo, rienda, paraecustre, endurance.

Comite Olimpico Mexicano, a 2012 show jumping team is in there somewhere.

My Little Pony speaks Spanish: Mexican Ponies 101

I’m sure it’s unPC, but we’ve all done it in the back of a pick-up truck: riding Mexican.

And for today’s educational segment: CdM is
a) a small regional holiday in Mexico
b) an excuse to party
c) a source of Mexican-American self-identification
d) all of the above.

I’ve ridden a racehorse in Italy & a Camargue [tourism in French, reference in English] horse in France. What international adventures have you had?

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