Milton Meets My Little Pony, Guest Post

  From the same hand that brought us Art Nouveau Horse.   Out of Creative Haven Nature Mandalas Coloring Book by Marty Noble (Facebook page). How is this My Little Pony? The image echoes the show’s color scheme, which hovers at the pink/purple end of the spectrum, albeit less pastel. MLP:FIM Wiki BTW, in GooglingContinue reading “Milton Meets My Little Pony, Guest Post”

A Plea for Hobby Tolerance

At Dragon*Con last weekend, I attended the My Little Pony 101 session. I went First, because of the overplay of the little girls & horsies mythos, which is a whole separate rant. Second, because we often refer to Rodney as MLP, in part ironically due to his size, but also because, in his heart, heContinue reading “A Plea for Hobby Tolerance”

Crush! Kill! Destroy!

I am a peaceful soul. I usher wasps back outside. I let spiders and snakes live. When we first moved onto this property, I went to check the barn. A slight motion out of the corner of one eye resolved into a humongous rat on a rafter above the aisle. Panning back revealed an equallyContinue reading “Crush! Kill! Destroy!”