Why I Am Pinkie Pie

Have you ever wondered which My Little Pony you are? No? I have.

I’m not gentle enough to be Fluttershy.
MLP Flutter

I’m not practical enough to be Applejack.
MLP Applejack

I’m not enough of a fashion maven to be Rarity. I’m not enough of a party animal to be Pinky Pie. That leaves the tomboyish Rainbow Dash or the heroic Twilight Sparkle.
MLP Twi Sp

Or so I thought.

One day at the children’s zoo, I was tasked with cleaning the pasture water trough. It was a mess. I emptied it, dragged it into the barn, and brought out the bleach. My boss came by while I was scrubbing the inside corners. He said he wished he could clone me. Tickled, I told my husband. To which my life-long soulmate replied that, as much as he loved me, one of me was enough.

One Saturday morning a few years later, we were watching MLP. I was watching; husband was stuck in the same room. It was Episode 55: Too Many Pinkie Pies, wherein Pinkie Pie gets cloned and drives everyone nuts. Husband didn’t say a word. He just gave me a look.

I am Pinkie Pie.

MLP Pinkie

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