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Tina Collins (waves hi!) over at With A Stroke Of The Horse: Writing about Horses & Equine (book) Reviews sent me a coupon for Fiverr®. Folks post ads wherein they offer a variety of Gigs®, priced at, you guessed it, five dollars each. I chose “I will make a typography silhouette graphic for $5” from hellobman.

Thank you Tina Collins! Thank you hellobman!


I don’t know where it might lead, but this definitely counts as an unexpected door! [State of the Blog]

Comments on: "Text Art: $5 Silhouette Graphic" (3)

  1. He’s beautiful! 🙂 I’m so glad you could make use of the voucher. I knew about your post because I have a textwalker alert (same as google alerts) on writing about horses, and your post came up!

  2. I must be thick, i understand neither the post nor this reply

    • The important take-away from this post is that I did not draw the graphic. It is from an artist who goes by the name of “hellobman”. It came from a website called Fiverr(r).

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