Joyous Toy Season

Rodney's Saga LEGO rocking horse

As a kid, my equine toys were several model horses and a metal truck/trailer set. I was more into stuffed animals. Lots and lots of stuffed animals. The number of animals in my house now is not a surprise to anyone.

What were your childhood horse toys?

6 thoughts on “Joyous Toy Season

  1. Breyers horses (and a few others) and a few dolls (which we didn’t worry about clothes on) to ride them. When my parents moved to CA, in the house purge, they found my sister’s and my old horses. So now I have them and some day they need to find a good home….

  2. Would you believe she had over one hundred (110 comes to mind but then the mind boggles)? Not so bad you say, but they all lived in her room. With names. Each and every one.

    Animals, no surprise. And even Ghost Kitty has a name.

  3. This from the woman who dragged me to 4 separate McDonalds’ to get Happy Meals because they had Lego giveaways.

  4. I had “Best of the West” horses … one model was stationary but had a head and neck that moved, and the other had poseable limbs and fell over a lot. I built stalls for them on the shelves in my closet and devoted myself to creating tack out of wire and yarn. I had tiny little double bridles with hook-and-eye fastenings, an assortment of surcingles and breastplates, and quite an intricate (if I do say so myself) English saddle built of aluminum foil, masking tape (the webbing foundation), a wire ‘tree’, and brown felt for stirrup leathers and girth. It was a vast improvement on the inaccurate black rubber Western saddles they both came with.

    My parents gave me Barbies to ride the horses, but the thing about Barbie is, she is incapable of spreading her legs. Frigid little cow. I drew the line at designing a sidesaddle to accommodate her, and she was quickly discarded.

  5. Breyers! I still have the nice ones and have passed them along to my daughter. Mine had knitted and crocheted saddles and bridles (the Arabian ones were particularly fancy) … and I believe one or two of those bits are still around, too. It is also possible some of mine are wearing wedding bands, because, they used to get married and have babies. My Barbie play and horse play got all kinds of mixed up.

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