BrickFair: day 3 – Girls & Horses

Because girls won’t play with an engineering toy unless it’s pink and comes with dolls & horsies, right? Sadly – for those of us who believe in individuality over cultural stereotypes – it appears to be working. Of course I bought them. I’ll part them out. The colors are AMAZING. For more erudite commentary onContinue reading “BrickFair: day 3 – Girls & Horses”

BrickFair: day 1 – LEGO v. Horses

LEGO & Horses are so different LEGO is hard-edged, plastic, and clean. Horses are furry, animate, and dusty. Although if you ever handle LEGO that has been used in a freeplay area, you will feel an overwhelming need to soak your hands in bleach. LEGO stays were you put it. Horses only do so ifContinue reading “BrickFair: day 1 – LEGO v. Horses”

My Summer

My LEGO club issues a challenge for each meeting, a word or phrase for which we each build a small vignette. The challenge for September was What I Did Over My Summer Vacation. Betcha never thought I could get this much mileage out of LEGO bricks & horses. (Procedural note: While I’m not a stellarContinue reading “My Summer”