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What is your reason for being happy? I have three: one equine, two off-topic.

1) I won my class last weekend [Report]. More importantly, I worked hard, rode well, and feel that it was a righteous win. Even more importantly, I had a moments before and during my classes, mostly the second one, where I was struck with the thought, Hey, I’m actually good at this. Not saddleseat in particular, but horse maneuvering in general. It’s a long time since I’ve thought that about my riding. Finally, in combination with all of the above, I flat-out enjoyed myself, when I wasn’t stressing or puffing. (Last time I mention the show. I promise to move on.)

Stefan's window2) Starting tomorrow (1/17/13) I will be massively geeking out at a four-day LEGO convention. Further, it’s being held held where I live. No travel. No hotel. No restaurant meals unless I’m out with friends. Just miles of bricks, hordes of brick-building ideas, and crowds of like-minded brick enthusiasts. (Photo caption: the local store gives our club one window to display our creations. Construction & photo of January’s window by MCLUG President Stefan Formentano.)

3) A friend has promised to make something amazing for me. It’s one of those hyper-specialized items at the sight of which 90% of the world will wonder WTF and those in the know will squeeee with delight. It will be weeks before she can start and months before she is finished. But that gives me time to wallow in the anticipation. Yes, I’m being deliberately vague, in case the universe intervenes.

Share with us your good news, equine or otherwise. The world needs as much as it can get.

Credit where credit is due. I am slowly reading my way thru the Whatever archives. (Yes, I am addicted [Interjection]. The phrasing of the new About page is not by accident.) On August 14, 2006, John Scalzi links to a post by Justine Larbalestier, No Control, wherein she mentions (in the first P.S.) her previous post, Good News Only, requesting uplifting news from other writers – hence my choice of subject – and threatens to change her blog to The Gladblog – hence my title.

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  1. Have fun at the LegoCon! I’m off for a weekend of ballroom dance competition in Nashville.

  2. I like this!! Happy for you finding happy things 🙂 and things to look forward to! And good luck to Kathie too

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