No saddleseat lesson this week but I still learned something.

The truck did not start. Since it had been plugged in overnight, this indicates a deeper problem than a simple lack of charge. When I called Stepping Stone Farm to cancel, the trainer said she might not be available next Friday. Students were still deciding if they wanted to ride in the National Academy Finals.

What? Academy means folks who take lessons, right? This is a show I would be qualified to ride in next year? A National-level show wherein I might not get laughed out of the ring*? Immediately, every dormant competitive instinct sat up & said ‘We’re not dead yet.’

I got excited way out of proportion for a show that is over a year away. I recalled shows where I pulled off wins despite being handicapped by my horse or my own cluelessness [Lesson Ho!]. Patting myself for past victories is unusual for me. The screaming monkey voices in my head tend to focus on the negative.

Next year’s show is beyond scope of this blog as currently formulated [Vox]. So, the world may never know how it went. However, the several barns in the state run a winter schooling show series. The first one is December 8th, 2012. Therefore, you may get to hear about my saddleseat competitive career, if I have a truck and get to the barn in November. The Winter Tournament is billed as “a great way to get introduced to the show ring.” Okay, I hardly need that. The show ring & I have met. Often. In my defense, I have no idea if winning a cut-off duel in a hunter flat class translates to surviving a saddleseat go-round.

My completive nature is hardly news. Last year, I was in a LEGO competition. My class was small but select. My LEGO book (pictured) earned me a blue ribbon & a gift card (ditto) for more LEGO. Sadly, I was far more excited about one than the other.

The surprise news was that, apparently, my show career is not ready for retirement.

The 2012 Finals are next weekend. Is it too early to sign up for 2013?
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*Years ago, I rode in the World Championship Side-Saddle class at the Washington International Horse Show. It was a hoot & a half, but I was clearly in the Thank You For Playing category. What big-time shows have you ridden in?

Tip of the Day: AAEP’s Disaster Planning for Horse Farms by Dana N. Zimmel, DVM. This one had ideas I had not seen before, such as “Place large vehicles/ tractors/ trailers in an open field where trees cannot fall on them.” Hope you never need this.
Gratuitous Kitten Update
Our most senior cat [tortoiseshell] is old enough that she is getting special meals. The kittens are old enough that they are not. It boggles their little kitty minds that there is a food event in the house to which they are not invited.

5 thoughts on “Showtime

  1. When you ride in the saddleseat nationals, I am definitely coming to watch and polish your booties.

    1. Unlike having to dust off knee-high English boots – and tuck in any offending pink socks – in saddleseat, I believe the pants cover everything but the toes and therefore also cover a multitude of sins.

  2. i still have those pix of you sidesaddle at the washington international. i’m sure i sent you prints. i was going to ride in the local division of the international the year i had to retire Princess

    1. In Academy, yes. The suit classes might be more of a struggle, but a) I don’t see myself getting that far & b) the Dressage Gold Medallist did a lot of way paving. At least in terms of my convictions, sticking to.

      Also, in Academy competition one wears jods & a vest, not the full get up. Not that this means vests are cheap, just cheaper than the real deal.

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