Vox Clamantis in Deserto

End of the month commentary on blogging.

When I started this blog last December [We begin.], I negotiated with myself that I would blog every day for a one year. Two & a half months to go. Barring miracles, that means less than 100 posts. What would constitute a miracle?

By money, I mean a book contract or a call from the New Yorker. A magazine wants to fund my around-the-world tour while I blog about equine hot spots? I’m willing to listen. Monetize my blog for a trickle of pennies that amount to the cost of a bag of feed every six months? No thanks. Not worth the trouble. If I’m going to sell out, I’ll sashay into five-star hotels wearing Manolo Blahniks, not stomp around a street corner waving a polyester boa.

Who wouldn’t love high hit numbers or double digit Likes & Shares? After the initial egoboo, where does it really get you? What I have enjoyed most is hearing other people’s stories. I’m pleased when the stories are happy. I’m flattered when folks are willing to share their sad stories to commiserate or to make a point. Responses of all sorts make me feel less as if I am yelling down a well.

I appreciate folks who take the time to comment, more than is perhaps healthy. But I know that the Internet is vast and that we all have demands on our time. I can recognize – intellectually at least – that only a small percentage of readers, followers, casual passersby would have the inclination to comment on a given post. So, a readership base big enough that a handful of people are moved to comment most days, that might be enough to keep me going without remuneration.

I would continue if I had a process to document, e.g. getting ready for my first CCI* classic format. That was the original intent of the blog way back when [How I Won]. I was going to be the next Thinking Horseman (an old Practical Horseman column) and record my return to eventing. If I had progress to get excited about, I’d probably keep yapping. I’ve certainly proven that I am enamored of hearing myself write*.

Barring any of the above, or a surprise move from left field, last post will be 12/21/12.

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[*Stolen from Whedon. If you’re gonna steal snark, steal from the best.]
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Or at least creature of the late afternoon with flash.

4 thoughts on “Vox Clamantis in Deserto

  1. And then what? You get on a slow boat to Argentina sans cel phone? You disappear in a puff of logic? Sounds so disturbingly final.

    Also, is that then a deadline for getting you suitably mounted on a happy Plan B beastie? (In which case, presumably, you will hack off into the distance, tilting at windmills if so inclined.)

  2. Content: The Saddleseat lesson was interesting. May we have more?

    I second the first comment. I often wondered what happened the morning after the ride into the sunset.

    Besides, we would miss you.

  3. Absolutely, positively not! Hey, you can’t create a cheering squad, then leave them wondering what happened to the team! Scale back to once or twice a week and it will feel a lot less like work. I promised I’d post a photo a day for six months and near the end I found it to be a tad tedious. When I scaled back I found myself enjoying my blog a lot more. Sure, you’ll lose some readership, but the folks who stick around will do so because they truly enjoy reading your blog. Count me in!

  4. Thank you all for the kind words. I reserve the right to change my mind. However, for now, when it’s 9:30pm, I haven’t typed a word, and I’m desperately searching for a picture, the idea of a final post is the only thing keeping me sane.

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