Fashion Forward

Mathilda now has a second pair of booties (above). Sporty, aren’t they? We are prepared if she loses one or gets her feet wet. Preliminary data suggests that these are doing even better than the first pair. When Rodney is up and the barrier is down, Mathilda is now out grazing rather than standing like Patience on a Monument next to R’s stall.

The first pair [More] made a huge improvement on her movement, i.e. she did. However, this pair is styled a little narrower, so they do not twist on her hooves. Shifting shoes have to make one feel a bit unstable. Perhaps only by a small margin, but that’s all she’s working with.

The booties came in a spiffy box within a box and with a free hoofpick. Fancy packaging and a freebie, sure signs that you have paid too much for a product. OTOH, a business can get in trouble for omitting such perks. A while back, I wanted to celebrate surviving a particularly bad year. I treated myself to a silver charm necklace that had to be custom adjusted. When I went to pick it up, the counter help thought I was picking up a $10 repair not the original purchase. No box, a pleasant but perfunctory thank you. Not going back there any time soon.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Walt Whitman
My father, and therefore I, always used ‘vast’ instead of ‘large’. I defer to Google, despite the superiority of our version.

Of what fashion accessories does your horse (dog, cat, spouse?) boast?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic
I left the Cavallo box on the floor to set up an adorable photo of a kitten sleeping in the box. Instead one of them used it to file a protest on the quality of the maid service. Not so adorable.

6 thoughts on “Fashion Forward

  1. how about some unknown multiplier more leashes than dogs and maybe the kitten was making a statement about a lack of kitten fashion

  2. I own way too many collars and leashes and each of my dogs has at least two customized name tags (from Fetching Tags) with their own silly tag line on it. And now that I have a young pup with a short coat, I’ve joined the ranks of “People Who Dress Their Dogs.” I bought Gus a Ruffwear cold weather “blanket” (Picture: horse blanket). OK, OK … and I bought him a cute little sweater because dammit, it’s hard to watch him shiver when the temperatures drop. (We live in the Northeast.) Right now my horses are sportin’ their personalized ID tags. I’ve braided them into their manes, compliments of Hurricane Sandy. I like the new boots. I hope these hold up well for you!

  3. That’s funny right there 🙂 I think it’s just our particular brand of fashion accessory…

  4. Suggestions from my inbox:
    “…. random thoughts on heel rubs from boots.

    Yes, the foot trim will probably help some.
    I usually put leather conditioner on new boots and let them wear them
    for progressively longer time increments to “break in”.

    Some people online say that panty hose prevents boot rubs….
    I’ve not tried this yet but— they would put the hoof in the panty
    hose, apply boot, pull hose down over the boot….

    I’ve considered using Body Glide or a similar anti-chafing product
    around the heels or hairline where the boot might rub,
    but I can’t remember now if I have tried it…:-)

    And, of course, keep the boot clean especially where it
    contacts skin so that you don’t get abrasions from dirt.

    Periodically apply leather conditioner to keep the leather supple.
    And that’s all I know about that!:-)
    Good luck!!! ”

    To which I had to confess:
    We just slapped those suckers on & sent her out, which is what we did with the stretchy ones. More work to do for the Queen. Arrrg.

  5. Tricky stuff, the free-bees. I have some fancy pearl necklaces I bought for a song in China. They came in fancy pearl necklace boxes. I have no need for the boxes, no interest in the boxes, but they are kind of *fancy.* So what to do? I stick them in the bottom of my drawer and wonder why. They were free, I have no need of them, and yet, I am loathe to toss them.

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