The Pendulum Swings

New booties have left Mathilda with heel rubs. We tried to buffer her heels with Vetrap but that appears to have made them worse. The other booties also rubbed but Vetrap solved the problem. Without booties she doesn’t walk enough to keep her hindend loose. With booties, she gets sores. It’s a bit like having to take drug X for one condition when it is counter-indicated for another condition.

We will continue to fiddle. Hubby worries about her & wants to keep them on. I worry about her feet & want to take them off. Between us, we probably arrive at a good balance. Furthermore, she gets trimmed today which may make the new ones fit better. Overall, I hope she moves back into barefoot season soon. At this point in the year, we have usually taken off her shoes for the winter.

Horse (dog, cat, spouse) balancing acts in your life?
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3 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swings

  1. If they’re tender from shoe removal, have you tried venice turpentine? Doesn’t happen overnight but toughens them up!

    1. Yes, thanks. That’s one of the many ungents we have for their feet. Hoof oil, turps, Kopertox, bleach, a special mix from the blacksmith, and so on. I have brush box just for foot goo & implements. In the summer, their feet get sore from stomping at flies. Nothing seems to make that better except shoes.

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