Back In The Show Ring, Redux

Today is the second Winter Tournament show. Let’s hope my plans gang less agley [Back In The Show Ring, updates]. As before , the goal is for me to make my canter “debut” and do a pattern. LW&TCDR. I will attempt to tweet from the show. Tweet sidebar has been expanded for the duration.

The wrinkle for this month is that the local LEGO expo, BrickFair, is the same weekend. Much as I heart the classic brick, there is no contest. Last year, I missed several LEGO club meetings for shows.

First MCLUG member: I think you need to figure out your priorities!
Second MCLUG member: She’s already made it pretty clear what her priorities are.

So, If I wasn’t having a lesson (Thurs am) or am not showing (Sat). I was/will be in the convention center talking with LEGO peeps (Thursday afternoon & evening, Friday) or sparkling at the public (Sunday), but not too much of the latter [The Upside Of Negativity]. Definitely a sleep-is-for-the-weak weekend. Therefore, I probably won’t get to the show report until Wednesday, at the earliest.

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