Brickfair: day 1

Work: day off.

Rider [c.t.] busy geeking out at Brickfair. (Image of Kermit with hands above head screaming wildly.) In honor of my LEGO weekend, here is a horse sculpture made out of those addictive plastic bricks. I’m not completely certain of Internet protocol on images, so will ask you to click thru. The style reminds me of the ads for Equus on Broadway when I was a kid. Which I cannot find due to the complete Google domination of the Daniel Radcliffe 2007 version. (Nice abs, BTW) Because of the violence to horses, my mother forbid me to go. An unusual move on her part. Whether from the parental injunction or my natural squeamishness, I never seen have seen the play or the movie. Don’t intend to.

If you’ve see Equus, was my mother right to forbid? I would have been 10 at the time.

4 thoughts on “Brickfair: day 1

  1. I saw the movie in high school. People told me it was supposed to be high art. I could have lived without it.

  2. Ten thousand thundering typhoons, of course she was right! The main character blinds the horses because he thinks they have seen him and are judging him for having having a flop in the hay with his (human) girlfriend. There are all kinds of weird s*exual and religious overtones between the main character and the horses. It’s definitely not appropriate for children, in my opinion.

  3. It’s definitely a little intense for a 10-year-old. I have faith you could handle it now, though. I have seen a few productions over the years. It is very well-written but no-one would say you would attend for equine warm fuzzies.

    The most disturbing production I saw was a local one in which a neighbour of mine played the central role (the disturbed teen who wields the hoofpick). He was naked and I was in the second row. This is not someone I ever intended to see naked. Yup, a wee bit disturbing.

  4. Hi Katherine! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and directing me here — can’t wait to show this to my son. 🙂 I read the book Equus, and truthfully, think I blocked it out. As Greg said, I could have lived without it. I’m a pink and blue happy thoughts kind of girl, really.

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