Taste Vs. Authenticity

Derivation of this post: I asked the following question of a few folks. They thought that it was funny & that I should poll the group at large. So here we are.

When put the photo from this post [Doctor Whooves] as my desktop background, I finally took a look at the non-scarf end of the horse.


I’m all about not going back to correct previous posts. Once opened, that door would lead to a bottomless, time-sucking vortex. Plus, a trimmed version of the photo marginalizes the scarf by pushing it closer to the edge of the frame. So, change the past or let it all hang out?

Inquiring minds are stumped.

Update, April 2014. I am not alone in this quandary. My Shetland: “I dreamt last night that PingPong came to live in my back garden.”, sixth photo.

6 thoughts on “Taste Vs. Authenticity

  1. Leave it. He obviously like the scarf!

    Point 2: I didn’t notice it the first time but now I do.

  2. Tee hee. Leave it. My horse doesn’t let it all hang loose unless he’s feeling totally at ease and so I’d take it as a compliment to the comfort provided by the scarf. Also I didn’t notice it before either – I vote for authenticity.

    1. I can’t find the original post – link doesn’t work. But hey, if that’s the way he was, that’s the way he was. Leave it.

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