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Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Z is for Zigby

Zigby Camps Out
Brian Patterson
2003 Harper Collins 2002

Zigby and Friends (Not loading on my system)
IMDB: Zigby
BBC: Zigby

Process Notes, for my future reference: 75% Inkscape, 25% GIMP. Created majority of image in Inkscape. Opened in GIMP for cropping, border, watermark (GIMP didn’t like the Inkscape text) & conversion to JPEG. Also used GIMP (along with online color converter) to pick, convert & the import the cover colors. Might have been able to finish in Inkscape. Ran out of time & brainspace. Overall: slow, but I remember when using GIMP was slow and frustrating.



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[Project Explanation 2017]
[Looking for Letters 2018]

This year, I’m using names of horses in books as well as authors of books. Otherwise, I’ll run out of letters. I’ve already had to with Z, both this year & last. Which books would you choose?

Why reverse alphabetical? Why not? [2015 Alphabet On the ordering of the alphabet]

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Katherine Walcott

Letter Art, AlphaBooks 2018: Looking for Letters

Please help. I need book recommendations.

I am lettering 26 horse books for my Sunday posts again. It combines drawing letters with hunting for horse books. Win-win. This year, backwards.

Have nothing: N,I,G,F,E,D,& C

Have book but am open to other suggestions: Z,X,V,R,Q,P,O,M,& J

Will take recommendations on all letters, particularly obscure books/authors and the less populated letters. Since I’m going reverse alphabetical, I need the later letters sooner.

Project explanation [AlphaBooks 2017]

Authors from last year [Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Recap 2017]

Process notes: Not in Inkscape [Goals]. I tried. Will continue to hit my head against a wall try to learn software from online tutorials. Colors from New York Cliché, which I have been binge reading over the holidays & while hiding from the cold snap.

Thank you for reading and for recommending,
Katherine Walcott

Letter Art: Changing the Year

Pantone Color of the Year 2017 Greenery 15-0343
Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet 18-3838

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Katherine Walcott

Letter Art: The Night The Animals Talked

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Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Recap 2017

[Z is for Zecora]
My Little Pony: Welcome to the Everfree Forest by Olivia London
[Y is for Young]
Mister Ed and Me by Alan Young with Bill Burt
[X is for Xenophon]
“On The Art Of Horsemanship” by Xenophon
[W is for Wodehouse]
Aunts Aren’t Gentleman by P.G. Wodehouse
[V is for von Tempski]
Born In Paradise by Armine von Tempski
[U is for USDA]
Special Report on Diseases of the Horse by U.S. Department of Agriculture
[T is for Tewson]
The Fat Pony by January Tewson
[S is for Severin]
Crusader by Tim Severin
[R is for Rubin]
The Big Book of Hidden Horses, Hidden Horses 2, Horse Trivia, If Wishes Were Horses by Deborah Rubin
[Q is for Queen]
The American Gun Mystery by Ellery Queen
[P is for Pace]
Old Bones by Mildred Mastin Pace, illustrated by Wesley Dennis
[O is for O’Connor]
Life In The Galloping Lane by Karen & David O’Connor with Nancy Jaffer
[N is for Newsum]
Milton by Gillian Newsum
[M is for McKinley]
The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
[L is for Lewis]
A Book of Narnians by C.S. Lewis, illustrated by Pauline Baynes, text compiled by James Riordan
[K is for Krementz]
A Very Young Rider by Jill Krementz
[J is for Journal]
The Brayer, Journal of the American Donkey and Mule Society
[I is for Ipcar]
World Full of Horses written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar
[H is for Hatch]
The Year of the Horse by Eric Hatch
[G is for Gray]
Horsepower by Patsey Gray
[F is for Francis]
The Sport of Queens by Dick Francis
[E is for Endicott]
Taking Up The Reins by Priscilla Endicott
[D is for Doty]
The Monday Horses by Jean Slaughter Doty
[C is for Cooper]
Pandora by Jilly Cooper
[B is for Brown]
A Good Horse Has No Color by Nancy Marie Brown
[A is for Anderson]
Horse Show by C.W. Anderson

During the year, I took notes on the books with the intent of discussing them at the end of the year, i.e. now. But the point of the project was visual rather than literary. I’ll summarize by saying that I was happier with some of the books more than others but I did not include any books that I disliked.

Did I read them all? No. Started well. Lost my grip somewhere around the middle of the alphabet/middle of the year. The ones I did not are in my To Be Read pile. We all know how that goes.

I had ideas that I couldn’t execute because my draftsmanship is not equal to what I see in my head. Insert Ira Glass quote, Advice To Beginners (Zen Pencils).

Special thanks to Robin Bledsoe, Bookseller, for having so many great horse books and for pointing me toward interesting titles even if she didn’t have them in stock.

Project explanation [AlphaBooks 2017]. Open to recommendations for next year. Which books would you choose?

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Letter Art: Recap 2017

Number of Sundays in 2017 – 53
AlphaBooks (next week) – 26
Rodney’s Saga – 13
Other Lettering – 5
Misc – 3
Text – 3
Sundays left in December – 3

Rodney’s Saga – 13

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Other Lettering – 5

[Ya Gotta Want It]
[Winter Tournament Letters]
[BrickFair 2017]

Misc – 3

[A to Z in 2017] Solitaire alphabet game on Instagram, @alphabet2017
[Graphic Design for the Masses, the One-Horse Open Sleigh Stamp]
Recap 2017

Text – 3

[SketchBox Fail]
[AlphaBooks 2017]

Sundays left in December – 3
AlphaBooks Recap, planned
Holiday Letters, planned
New Year, planned

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Letter Art: Graphic Design for the Masses, the One-Horse Open Sleigh Stamp


When I was much younger, I remember going with my grandmother to the Post Office. She took time to examine all the available stamps before choosing ones she liked. I wondered, and probably said, ‘Why bother? They’re just stamps.’ These days I find myself doing the same thing, opting for a moment of beauty in a mundane task. Which leads me to wonder about the artists who create stamps. Millions see their work; no one knows their name.

“The late Howard E. Paine was the art director. Artist Steve McCracken of Winchester, VA, created original art for the project.” Postal Service to Dedicate Christmas Carols Forever Stamps

Howard E. Paine
If anyone has information/links for artist Steve McCracken, please let me know. Steve McCracken Illustration, per comment below.
A Short Course on First Day Covers from the American First Day Cover Society, proving that there is an organization for everything. Although, given the number of horse associations to which I pay dues each year, I cannot cast the smallest pebble,

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