The Letters of Dressage II

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals     ~~~ Process Notes: I see why designers like vector graphics. For the initial drawing, pixel and vector take the same amount of time. If anything, vector drawing takes slightly longer, at least for me. The difference comes when changing the design. For these, I reused the letters fromContinue reading “The Letters of Dressage II”

Logo Study, Descending Capitals

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals     After rereading/reskimming* Pretty Much Everything by Draplin, I was inspired to take another stab at a blog logo [Letter Art: Logo]. It would be cool to have personalized t-shirts or stickers. If only for myself. If I come up with something I really like. Color from book blurbContinue reading “Logo Study, Descending Capitals”

A Dog Can Dream

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals     American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama Alabama Hunter Jumper Association The Alabama Obstacle Challenge Series Birmingham Dressage & Combined Training Association Process notes: In an ideal world, the streamers would be fluttering in the breeze. Currently, graceful curves are beyond my skill set. Geometric it is. Thank youContinue reading “A Dog Can Dream”