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After rereading/reskimming* Pretty Much Everything by Draplin, I was inspired to take another stab at a blog logo [Letter Art: Logo]. It would be cool to have personalized t-shirts or stickers. If only for myself. If I come up with something I really like. Color from book blurb on the DDC website.

*What is the word when you look through a book for the artwork?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Categories: Blogging, graphic design, Lettering

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  1. “Skim” feels cursory. In this case, I examine the photos & illustrations as throughly as I would read a narrative but I’m not technically “reading.” Yeah, I do read the included text, but it is definitely secondary to the visuals. Although text is itself visual, is it not? I’m starting to get that caterpillar/feet feeling.

    Color change. Definitely. While I don’t know the color of the blog yet, I know it is not orange. OTOH Draplin & his book are all about the orange. I used it for the post as a hat tip.

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