Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness

Rodney’s saddle situation is not as dire as I had first thought [Evil Twin]. Things seldom are.

We switched to the second & third girth straps instead of the first and third. This changes the balance of the saddle enough that the wither clearance is just on the correct side of acceptable, instead of just under.

First and third straps are traditional. Then you have the middle one to use in case either of the other breaks while you are out foxhunting. In most saddles, the three straps come from the same attachment. Switching doesn’t make that much difference. On the Wintec, the first strap comes from a more forward attachment.

We had been using the 2-3 configuration with this saddle and the narrower gullet plate. It is also what the saddle fitter had recommended [Finding One That Fits]. I thought the new bar might change the saddle dynamics. Nope.

Now that it is wide enough for his back, it doesn’t fit as well along his completely underdeveloped topline. Homeboy needs him some fitness. I tried my nice, fuzzy, deluxe sheepskin half-pad. Previous Horse used it to great effect. Rodney didn’t like it any more than Milton did [Hop]. We stopped much earlier in the complaint process. It has been demoted (promoted) to a cat pad.

And finally, we have not be able to test these various theories because Rodney went lame shortly after we adjusted to the wider saddle. Blacksmith has now seen the foot and thinks Rodney hit himself on something or someone.

It’s been an impressive lameness. Maybe 0.5 on the lameness scale. Just enough change in his gait to put him on injured reserve without causing inconvenience to himself.

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Katherine Walcott

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