Milton SitRep, Saddle & Supplements & Success

Friends have kindly loaned me a second Wintec while we shop for Milton’s fancy saddle. It fits him, he goes well in it, and I feel more comfortable riding him in a narrower saddle, at least for n=1. The photo was my first time aboard Milton since the dressage show two weeks earlier. Between the abscess and his driving revival, I didn’t really miss too many riding opportunities even if I’d had a saddle. #horsesharing

We have bumped up his Cimetidine [Feed Scoop] to the therapeutic dose of 12 pills. At some point, he will go down to a maintenance dose. We have also added Cosequin. Previous Horse was on it for years. Mathilda never thought much of it.

So far, so good. Milton is moving well and doesn’t hate being brushed quite as much. I think it’s the Cimetidine; my co-feeder thinks the Cosequin. While we disagree on the cause, we agree that Milton seems happier in his body.

This was the second day of a ride & drive weekend for Milton. He kept stopping to tell me how hard he had worked the day before. I bought into the performance. He had a valid point.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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