R is for Ribbon, II

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Graphics   Belated letter art to go with last week’s photo. [R is for Ribbon] Process Notes Drawn in Inkscape, finished in GIMP. Instead of sorting out how to cut or intersect objects in Inkscape, I patched over the problem areas with pieces of the same color. A functional solution butContinue reading “R is for Ribbon, II”

Holiday Wish

  Wishing you clear skies, good footing, and time to enjoy the barn. ~~~ On a side note. I’ve never understood the Happy Holidays/War on Christmas dilemma. Putting aside the philosophical, religious, & common humanity issues, there is a practical aspect. Let’s say I am talking to a Christmas celebrator. A week after Christmas theContinue reading “Holiday Wish”

Dabbling in the Art World, Graphics 2018

Looking Back I’m happy with the quantity of graphic art I produced. Of 42 Sundays, 33 were/will be original work of some sort or another, for a batting average of almost 80%. Only two Sundays had absolutely nothing to do with graphic design. Plus 8 illustrations on non-Sundays. The quality? Less so. I know IContinue reading “Dabbling in the Art World, Graphics 2018”

What’s With All The Recaps?

Why is December, particularly late in the month, filled with ‘Best Of’ TV shows, ‘Top Ten of the Year’ magazine articles, and retrospective blog posts? It’s Easy Look back over the year. Make a list. Pick a few favorites. Add pithy commentary. Done. It’s Convenient With everything in one place, I can see the yearContinue reading “What’s With All The Recaps?”

AlphaBooks, I is for Ipcar, Again

Graphic Design   Horses of Long Ago written & illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar Doubleday 1965 Ipcar, but not specific book, repeated from last year [I 2017] because I is difficult and Ipcar is interesting. This year’s book is also from Better World Books, via AbeBooks.com, recommended by Robin Bledsoe. Cover image from The World OfContinue reading “AlphaBooks, I is for Ipcar, Again”

AlphaBooks, K & J are for Kenrick & Japan

Graphic Design   Horses In Japan Vivienne Kenrick J.A. Allen 1964 Book. Long-term resident of my TBR pile. Writer. Japan Times: Clips List, Japan Times: Obituary Letters. K. Can one hate a letter? I have been saddled with K all my life. I’ve never figured out how to make it look good. J. I hadContinue reading “AlphaBooks, K & J are for Kenrick & Japan”