R is for Ribbon, II

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Belated letter art to go with last week’s photo.

[R is for Ribbon]

Process Notes
Drawn in Inkscape, finished in GIMP. Instead of sorting out how to cut or intersect objects in Inkscape, I patched over the problem areas with pieces of the same color. A functional solution but not an elegant one. Speaking of elegant, the roundness on the upper arm of the R never got right. After much fiddling, I had to declare victory and get on with my life. Curves are hard!

On the up side, the result is at least in the same time zone as what I was aiming for and I don’t hate it. So, progress.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “R is for Ribbon, II

  1. It’s interesting. I feel that my results would be better if I were more artistic. From a technical point of view, be prepared for moments when you want to fling your computer against the wall.

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