R is for Ribbon

Rodney’s annual I Am Not A Deer tail ribbon. We hope that standing next to the large white blob that is Milton will also help.

The pixelation is more from surfeit of mist in the air than from a lack of resolution in the camera. As you can see from the footing, it’s been wet here lately. And that was after I served the hay halfway up the hill to keep them out of worse.

Did you know that the different colors of flagging tape mean different things? Pink is for temporary survey markings, according to Are You Flagging Tape Fluent? on the Tape University website. Tape University is an online resource for the tape industry. The TU site references the American Public Works Association Uniform Color Code. It’s a PDF, or I’d link to it. Tape University? Tape Industry? APWA? The world is vast and weird and fascinating.

In case you are wondering, I fell down that particular rabbit hole when I went looking for an example of the tape color for the border. I usually use a color from the photo, but the whole point here is to be as loud as possible.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “R is for Ribbon

  1. i wonder if tape university could tell me what tape to use on my next hoof wrap so that my horse doesn’t wear through the toe in 0.006 seconds….. lol

    also good idea about the bright tail feathers!! my horse and i do a lot of hacking, so i actually have dedicated tack for the endeavor, complete with a cheap bright colorful pair of nylon racing reins from Big D’s. anything helps, right?

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