This Year with Actual Horsehair, Horses of New York City 2018



Last December, lower Manhattan, on an IRT subway and at the West 4th street station. I was dying to ask where they rode. In Alabama, I would have walked up to total strangers; in New York City, not so much. Plus, I was on a tour. More about this tomorrow.


Columbus Circle. I was on a bus in the circle. The carriage was merging into the circle. I tried to imagine any horse of my acquaintance playing chicken with a bus.

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Horses Of … usually has to make do with signs & statues.

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6 thoughts on “This Year with Actual Horsehair, Horses of New York City 2018

  1. Amazing. I am surprised by seeing riding attire on a subway – but you gotta get to the stables somehow. And, I”m glad they have stables they can get to! And, seeing the horse outside the bus? More amazing. They must be very comfortable and familiar with their urban environment. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. For the last decade or so my husband has been a groom/coachman for a friend who has been doing a Feb carriage gig in NYC at the Waldorf-Astoria for the annual Debutante Ball. It’s a big deal. His photos and commentary range anywhere from unbelievable, to the wildly hilarious; like taking the team & carriage up to whatever floor via Herbert Hoover’s service elevator (which was installed to transport him and his vehicle together), to opera singers, ballerinas and horses pooping at the wrong time and place. Unfortunately, the Waldorf has been under major renovation the last two years and the carriage gig has been off the agenda. We hope it resumes at some point. The stories are worth all the hassle of getting there and doing whatever nutty program they come up with for the guests. I’ll attempt to post a link to one of the photo pages. Might have to scroll around a bit to see the carriage. Should the link not work, you can always google ‘horses at the Waldorf-Astoria Debutante Ball.’

  3. Correction: The service elevator in the Waldorf Astoria was installed for Roosevelt’s car: “An elevator large enough for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s automobile provides access to the platform”

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