What’s Been Happening, Kittens

On Instagram, but worth repeating. [November]

This is why I have so many sleeping/resting kitten pictures.

Chat dans une boîte. French
Macska egy dobozban. Hungarian
Ngeru i roto i te pouaka. Maori
Kot w pudełku. Polish
Gato en una caja. Spanish
Cath mewn blwch. Welsh
Fun with Google Translate.

How would sentient cat descendants wash their clothes? Automatic tongues?

Deux chats dans une boîte.
Két …
E rua …
Dwa koty …
Dos gatos …
Dau gath …

Two of the big cats in a rare moment of harmony.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening, Kittens

  1. Methinks you’re having too much fun with google translate. But it does give me an idea for an addition to my horse book which will never be published.

  2. My cats would loooove those shelves haha. Also I ❤ the brown tabbies – mine are a gray tabby and buff orange tabby and I always think a little brown tabby would complete the picture…. lol

  3. “My horse book which will never be published.” Sounds like blog post material to me.

    Shelves. Yes, I love them. Been wanting them for a while, since I read *The Cats’ House* by Bob Walker. Finally got them up. Fortunately, the kittens are responding appropriately.

    1. Just may end up that way. Parts of various sections, anyway. Still thinking about it. Blog posts wouldn’t preclude the material being used in a book.

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