Kitten Report, The Rise of the Cattens


25 weeks today.

They are no longer kittens. They are not yet cats. They are … cattens.

Photos arranged in chronological order, unrelated to the text.

Feeding Order
When I serve their wet food, Little One (possible name for female Stubby) eats first. Always. I have to separate her dish &/or face her away from the others, or she growls the entire time. That can’t be good for digestion.

I haven’t noticed a reliable feeding order among the others. At each meal, one of the three is confused and can’t find a dish, but it’s not always the same one.

They are affectionate but do not demand affection. All four are perfectly happy to purr if picked up or petted, otherwise, they get on with their mysterious, boisterous kitten activities, or collapse in their higgledy-piggledy group naps.

Somewhere between often and occasionally, Princess or Precious (other possible name for female Stubby) will find me and say, ‘I would like cuddles now please.’ Male Stubby shows up for a turn from time to time. The only time Long Tail demanded my attention, it turned out the food bowl was empty.

There is no shelf below the window. She is holding on with her claws.

They are obsessed with keeping me company in the smallest room. The best way to summon all four – short of dinner time – is to have a seat. They gather in and out of the bathtub and play ruffle games with the shower curtain.

This is comfy?

Speaking of jumping, they have gotten much better since last report. They now leap with grace and hang time. Their reach has increased. One has been spotted on … drumroll … the kitchen counter.

The dry food for the big cats is on the top of the fridge. Since this is out of the way of the dogs, I leave food there 24/7. We have a deal. They can use one corner of the counter on their way to up to the fridge. We call this area the landing zone and keep it clear. That is the only part of the counter they are allowed on.

The big cats observe the rule and do not roam the counter. I have no idea how I managed to convince them of this. I don’t think the cattens will be quite as obliging.

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